Water Heater Service and Rentals

Have you ever come home from the gym or woke up one morning and stumbled into the bathroom for a hot shower but got smacked in the face by ice cold water? Everyone has been there, and we know it is the most unpleasant feeling. This is one of the primary reasons why we insist on regular water heater maintenance. Here are several benefits of water heater servicing. 


Faulty water heaters can cause harm to the user. Servicing the heater guarantees safety by ensuring that it is safe for use. For instance, a defective relief valve can lead to user scalding or burning. 

Saving Money 

Regular maintenance practices may seem like an extra and unnecessary cost until you have your system misbehaving. This means that you will have to replace a part or the entire system that would have been prevented for less. Also, regular servicing flushes out your water heater to ensure a free flow of water and proper functioning of the system. This saves on your utility bills because you get hot water quicker. 

Improved Efficiency 

Water heaters are largely affected by calcium build-up. The buildup of these materials blocks the routes and makes it hard for the water heater system to produce hot water effectively. If left unattended, tank damage and system failure may follow. Servicing, mainly through flushing and cleaning, is the best way to get rid of such problems. 

Prolonged Durability 

An average water heater lasts between eight to twelve years. With poor maintenance, the life span reduces significantly. Regular or perhaps annual maintenance gives your water heater a useful period of up to twelve years or more. Check-ups also help you determine the build-up of rust, which gives you a red flag to when you may need to replace the tank preventing the surprise cold showers for a week or so until you can get it replaced. 


If you have irregular water warm-ups, your water heater probably needs servicing. Proper maintenance ensures that your system works seamlessly. It minimizes the likelihood of inconsistent functioning. 

There comes a time when you are torn between buying and renting a water heater. Mostly, you will need to make this choice when you least expected but need to make a decision. Are you ready to buy or rent a water heater? Let’s look at some of the advantages of renting a water heater. 

It Is Economical In The Short Run 

Depending on the size and functioning of the water heater, it may cost you between $12 and $20 to rent a water heater. Buying a water heater will have you digging between $800 and $1200 out of your pocket, excluding the installation costs. For this reason, renting is a cheaper option in the short run and can be the most financially beneficial option. We can help you figure out exactly which option is best for your situation. 

Responsibility Free Option 

Renting a water heater takes away the burden, stress and costs associated with maintenance activities. The water heater service and leasing company cover all the costs associated with replacements and maintenance of the water heater. Once you buy a heater, you become entirely responsible for any issues that arise after the warranty period. 

In Case Of Any Issue, You Know Where To Go 

Renting a water heater means that when the lease period is over, the asset no longer belongs to you. In the case where a product is faulty, all you need to do is contact the water heater service and rental firm. On the other hand, buying a water heater leaves means that you are unprotected by the contract between you and the seller. Renting water heaters gives you access to the Borts Heating team to inspect and secure the company’s assets. 

Homeowners that schedule for regular water heater servicing always enjoy proper functioning and extended the useful life of their water heaters. A simple bi-annual flush is all you need to keep your water heater system working effectively. If your water heater is faulty, renting will also give you peace of mind especially if you have a tight budget. Call us for water heater maintenance and renting services.

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