Borts Heating Has a Great Selection of Gas and Propane Fireplaces

Gas is the cleanest-burning combustible fuel available for fireplaces, cooking appliances and heating systems. There are no deposits associated with gas and propane, unlike wood-burning fireplaces where soot and creosote are common byproducts. Wood-burning fireplaces and stoves need chimney and firebox cleaning at least once a year to remove these harmful deposits, usually more often in our part of the world.

Gas fireplaces leave no byproducts behind. You’ll never have to worry about hot ashes accumulating in the firebox or sparks that could land on the floor or your furniture. There is no smoke associated with gas and propane fires. The combustion byproducts go up the chimney or out the vent and consist primarily of water vapor. 

Some fireplaces are vent-free. They rely on oxygen sensors to measure the amount of oxygen in the air. When it falls too low, the fireplace will shut off. While these fireplace and heaters are recognized as safe, they shouldn’t be used in tightly enclosed spaces without a consistent source of fresh air when they’re in use. 

Continental and Regency both design and manufacture gas and propane fireplaces that vent through walls or roof. This feature makes it easier to put a fireplace wherever you’d like one without needing a chimney. The vent can be snaked through the walls and up through the attic or out through an exterior wall. 

Vented fireplaces are much safer than unvented systems. Even though gas burns clean, it does release small amounts of gases after burning like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide. In high enough quantities, each of these exhaust gases poses a hazard to health. 

Gas Fireplaces are Convenient and Dependable 

Gas fireplaces turn on and off effortlessly, compared to wood-burning appliances. You just push a button or flip a switch and you can have a fire. Burning wood requires much more work from gathering it from the forest to hauling off the ashes. Wood is also messy indoors and out. Insects and vermin are attracted to wood as a source of food and shelter. 

Barring an unusual emergency, the supply of natural gas is dependable, which benefits you during power outages. You’ll have a source of heat for warming water and water, as well as a way to keep yourself warm. 

Gas Fireplaces Have Design Appeal 

Gas and propane fireplaces from Continental and Regency embody a good deal of design appeal and customization. They are available as single, double, triple, or multi-sided units. Some are free-standing while others are built into the walls. The fireplace design can be as individual as you want it, or you can choose from the designer styles these manufacturers offer. 

Converting to Gas is Easy!

If you already have a wood-burning fireplace but want to convert it to gas or propane, it’s entirely possible by making a few modifications and running a gas line into it. The Borts Heating team can help you through every step of the way. 

Your choices of faux logs are many and improvements to them provide a flame quality that’s hard to distinguish from a wood fire. It’s also possible to have more than one log set to change the appearance of your fire if you desire. 
Borts Heating Offers Great Financing Terms
We all want to make smart financial decisions and installing a new gas fireplace is one of the best you can make! Not only will you save on your heating bill by switching to a gas source of heat but right now you can also enjoy 0% Interest on financed fireplaces. 
Call now to talk with a fireplace expert and get the process started on getting your new fireplace installed. 

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