Air Conditioning Repair
Air conditioning repair needs are problems that you don’t want to have, especially in the height of a summer heatwave. Exposure to high heat conditions can cause fatigue, irritability, and in the worst cases, heat exhaustion. That’s why we’re here to help get your unit back up and running as quickly as possible. Here’s what we can do for you to ensure that you don’t experience much AC unit downtime:

Regular Maintenance Procedures
Regular air conditioning maintenance is crucial because it can prevent you from having to get air conditioning repair or replacement. Our technicians can perform maintenance tasks on your system that includes cleaning, filter inspection and replacement, coolant refills, testing and the like. The key is to tune it up during downtime so that it can perform like a champ when you truly need it to. Many people go to start their systems up when it’s hot, and they find that it does not power on at all. It’s best to find out before the weather becomes challenging so that no one has to suffer through unbearable conditions.

Air Conditioning Repairs
Our team of HVAC specialists also conduct air conditioning repairs. The most common conditions that arise are as follows:

AC Does Not Power Up
The complete failure to power up is a common problem that AC units have. Ironically, one of the most common culprits is a dead power supply. Before you call one of our techs, you should make sure that your AC is turned on, is connected to a power source, and you have no issues with that power source.

No Cold Air Is Circulating
Another common problem that people call us for is an issue with the cold air. It stops blowing for a variety of reasons. One reason that the cold air may stop blowing is an insufficient coolant supply.

AC Unit Is Leaking
Leaks are a serious mess that can cause problems like carpet and floor damage, mildew allergy activation and an overall moisture issue. Low coolant is one of the reasons that this happens although there are several more. We can stop your leak so that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on the after-effects.

Strange Smells or Sounds
Strange smells are usually the result of improper cleaning or lack of cleaning. Dirt, dust, bugs and other things can get into the unit over time. We can help you to get your unit clean and functional.

AC Replacements and Installations
We repair AC units when they show symptoms of problems. We also install new AC units and replace your units if we find that there is no hope for them. Just let us know that you want to purchase a new unit, and we can make the process quite simple for you.

Why You Should Choose Us
There are many great reasons for you to choose Borts Heating Services for your AC repair or replacement needs. One of those reasons is that we offer a vast assortment of services. We can fix your AC system, but we can also provide you with heating services, air quality checks, plumbing services and electrical help. We can be a one-stop shop for an assortment of needs. Another reason to choose us is that we have been serving the community for years, and we have been serving it quite well. Our customers often rave out the way that we care for them. We are trusted experts that serve the greater Sudbury areas. If you need someone to take care of any of these issues for you, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to work out something with you.

Schedule an Appointment Today
You can schedule an appointment with us at any time. We provide emergency services as well as routine maintenance tasks and preventive measures. Additionally, you could receive financing for any service or product that you have trouble paying for. Our goal is to work with you and makes sure that you have a working system so that you and your family can be comfortable. We are a family-oriented company, and we want you to be comfortable in your environment. Call us today.

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